Amulet of Power

The 156 amulets worn by members of the Arch Council


The Amulet of Power is a very potent magic item with offensive and defensive abilities. It is a glistening black gem that often burns from within with a flickering red light. The Amulet of Power functions like a staff and allows the use of the following spells:
• Continual flame (1 charge)
• Fireball (heightened to 5th level) (1 charge)
• Levitate (1 charge)
• Lightning bolt (heightened to 5th level) (1 charge)
• Magic missile (1 charge)
• Ray of enfeeblement (heightened to 5th level) (1 charge)
• Cone of cold (2 charges)
• Globe of invulnerability (2 charges)
• Hold monster (2 charges)
• Wall of force (in a 10-ft.-diameter hemisphere around the caster
only) (2 charges)
The wielder of a Amulet of Power gains a +2 luck bonus to AC
and on saving throws.


Amulet of Power

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